With Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster released, the strongest team in “Fairy Tail” is nearly assembled! Good Smile Company’s Lucy Heartfilia came out about a year ago, so now we just have to wait for news on their Erza Scarlet, who is sure to be amazing! I can’t wait to see these four together (but I wouldn’t mind if GSC added a few more guild members to the lineup as well)!


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So let´s get this straight,Natsu can wear
-nothing at all
-totally ruined clothes
-a kinda random mix of clothes
-colours you usually shouldn´t wear together

and still make it look good on him no matter what.

Is that guy some kind of fashion god or what is even going on?

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Nalu AU-Hoarding

Nothing is more precious to a dragon than his hoard.

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dont get me wrong. when natsu is angry

he becomes super attractive

maybe its just me

but i don’t think it is

he becomes 1000x more amazing

like hot damn

but then there’s things like this

and i just dont know. still love him though

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In hindsight, Gajeel decided that 1234 wasn’t a very good pass code.

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Fairy tail 399 review + theory


Alright, since the hundredth markers seem to be some special celebration for Mashima in which pain is inflicted, and considering the pain gets worse and worse, 400 isn’t gong to be happy. Hell, considering how 399 ended being sad will be an understatement.

Honestly, i did not expect Acnologia and Igneel to come in so early—but i see sense in what’s going on, this part of the arc is titled extreme pain. Anything done before, including Silver dying, wasn’t the pain yet—this arc has gotten serious and really Fairy Tail has always kept a happy undertone, but now…..that’s the last thing that can come to mind.

E.ND. has been a popular topic so here is what we know:

  • a flame demon
  • the strongest demon Zeref has created
  • founded Tartarus
  • Natsu will have to face the decision whether to let him live or to kill him
  • only one, Natsu or END, will reach Zeref
  • igneel could not kill it, though he tried
  • this means E.N.D. is old, igneel’s time from years ago—time of atlas flame included

The Natsu is END theory makes so much sense, i can’t see anything that makes logically more sense than that—and i mean, Mashima could also make a new character and declare him END, but the way Zeref’s attitude is..igneel couldn’t kill him…and the flame demon part, it’s too…how can it not be is what i’m trying to say.

Here’s an in-depth look at the Natsu is E.N.D theory by ladymoonstache to add why. As she noted, the image of a demon has been associated with natsu. He even said he didn’t care about his humanity—he just wanted to protect his friends, that will be further elaborated on later.

I also want to direct you to a post estella-may and jhayni-in-the-rain discussed regarding acnologia, and a translation that used magic instead of what in the raw appears to be demons—also has the picture to a figure wearing a scarf that looks awfully like natsu’s scarf.

We know some things about END, but what is END’s so-called purpose? for one thing, only Natsu or END will reach him—the way it’s worded makes it seem like only one can live, or in another case, take over. Zeref said natsu will make a deicison whether to let END live or not. If END is natsu, or, perhaps within Natsu, what kind of decision can that be? Natsu always preaches about the need to preserve life and not self sacrifice. He is ready to sacrifice anything though but he will not let his friends sacrifice themselves for the good of everyone. But one thing natsu is ready to sacrifice? He said he didn’t care about being human: he just wants to protect his friends…that is foreshadowing there is no way that isn’t.

To be a demon? Yes, but is there more?

END could be an acronym for End Natsu Dragneel, which could be there are many ways to interpret END and it’s effect and meaning

the word END is essentially “end”

End Natsu? End humanity? End the world? end Zeref? End Acnologia?

acnolorgia was once a human turned a dragon, zeref had a hand in shaping him, but this END is superior apparently.

Future Rogue said a dragon slayer could not stand up to END, a dragon had the best chance but the chances are slim, what could…

perhaps…a dragon with the same cirumstance as Acnologia? A dragon slayer turned human? That’s my pure speculation i can’t say i have proof to showcase it, but it’s just a thought.

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The cover is Lucy! Should I be expecting some NaLu moments?!?!? My body is ready!


Erza is still fighting Kyouka……KILL HER!!!


Cheering Erza on while she fights…


Mira winced


A bunch of clones of Lamy (the bunny hair girl) come out of nowhere.


Lisanna and Elfman are…

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I want more…


I want more nalu

I want more natsu dragneel in t shirts

I want more natsu dragneel

I want more fanfics about natsu dragneel

I want more nalu fanfics

I want more fire dragon slayers named natsu dragneel


My life

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elssiie said: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" - Nalu :) ( btw I love your blog and your theories <3)


Thank you so much! 

I combined your request and iwishaninjawould's one ("Are you flirting with me?"). Hope you like it! (◡‿◡✿)

“I have to ask you something,” Lucy mumbled, dragging out the sentence. She looked nervous, as if trying to decide whether or not she should continue speaking.

“What is it, Lucy?” Natsu coaxed her.

“Do you remember when we had to take care of Asuka?”

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